Inspired by Jamie Tanna's salary history, the following table contains all my salaries and bonus payments since I graduated university.

Each row contains either my annual salary as of the given date or a lump sum received on that date. Lump sums are in italics. Amounts are given in UK pounds (£) or US dollars ($).

See the Notes section below for details.

Date Amount Description Job title (grade) Location Company
Apr 2024 £99,000 Annual raise Operational Cyber Software Engineer (T07) Hybrid Remote / Gloucester, UK BAE Systems Digital Intelligence
Mar 2024 £12,452 Annual bonus
Apr 2023 £95,000 Annual raise
Mar 2023 £11,542 Annual bonus
Jan 2023 £800 Cost of living supplement
Sep 2022 £800 Cost of living supplement
Feb 2022 £90,000 Hiring salary
Nov 2021 $112,500 Restricted Stock Unit Senior Developer Remote Shopify
Nov 2021 £95,000 Hiring salary
Jan 2021 £90,000 Hiring salary Software Engineer Remote eporta
Sep 2019 £80,000 Promotion Lead Developer Remote Gower Street Analytics
Oct 2018 £70,000 Hiring salary Senior Developer
Mar 2018 £3,392 Annual bonus Senior Robotics Software Engineer Malmesbury, UK Dyson
Jan 2018 £61,680 Annual raise
Jan 2017 £60,000 Hiring salary
Apr 2016 £55,400 Promotion Senior Software Engineer (T05) Gloucester, UK BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
Mar 2016 £1,066 Annual bonus Senior Software Engineer (T04)
Apr 2015 £47,150 Annual raise
Mar 2015 £575 Annual bonus
Aug 2014 £2,000 Sign on bonus
Aug 2014 £46,000 Hiring salary
Mar 2014 £500 Annual bonus Robotics Software Engineer Malmesbury, UK Dyson
Jan 2014 £43,050 Annual raise
Nov 2012 £42,000 Hiring salary
Nov 2010 $90,000 Promotion Senior HPC Software Engineer San Francisco, California Maxeler Technologies
Nov 2009 $60,000 Relocation to USA HPC Software Engineer
Apr 2008 £11,000 Stock options
Apr 2008 £29,000 Hiring salary London, UK
Jul 2007 £32,000 Hiring salary Software Engineer London, UK FactSet Research Systems


Job titles are largely nonsense: different companies have entirely different grades and ranking structures, making comparison between companies impossible. To find out what a role actually entailed, please see my CV.

For the purposes of this table, I have taken job titles and grades from employment contracts or, when they have changed due to promotion, from formal letters from management. Only one company (BAE Systems) uses grades that are distinct from job titles: these are given in brackets.

For jobs in which I worked a 4-day week, salaries are listed before pro rata adjustment, i.e. they are the salaries that I would have received if I had worked full-time. No attempt has been made to adjust lump sums.

I have not included every form of remuneration — I've skipped pension contributions, health insurance, holiday allowances, etc. — as it would just get too complicated. I have likewise skipped small stock grants with convoluted tax repercussions. Feel free to get in touch and ask if you'd like to know more about anything.

As noted in Jamie Tanna's blog post announcing his salary history page, the primary purpose of such webpages, including this one, is to enable equitable pay negotiations. As such, their publication is protected under UK law by the Equality Act 2010, c. 15, s. 77.